Professional Work Samples

Here you will find examples of professional work that I have done.  Over the course of two internships and three years working as the Sports Director for MC-TV at Monmouth College, I have compiled some professional work examples that showcase my style of sports anchoring/reporting.  I have provided two videos that show a different parts of sports reporting.  The first is a package from MCTV.  This package was done as a preview for the season that feature interviews and a in depth look at the new coach for the Fighting Scots.  This package also includes a stand-up showcasing my on camera ability.  The second video is a sports feature from WAND in Decatur, IL.  This feature shows several abilities that are important in reporting: storytelling through visuals and storytelling through script writing.  The last video is my resume reel that highlights my best work and features a one-minute stand-up montage, sample show, highlights, anchoring and two packages.


MCTV Package:

WAND Sports Feature:

Resume Reel:


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