I was able to do two internships over the summer of 2104 at two separate television stations: WCIA in Campaign, IL and WAND in Decatur, IL.  At both stations, I worked under the sports director.  I learned all the things a mid-market sports director/reporter does every day.  I was able to do all these things including filming, editing, script writing, producing and looking for stories on social media.  I didn’t realize how important social media was to broadcast journalism until this internship.  Every day it seemed like we found something new that a player or coach tweeted out that we turned into a story for the newscast that day.  Summer is the slow time of the year for sports, but it allowed me to build my own resume tape.  I took the things that I filmed and edited and wrote scripts using my style of writing.  At the end of the day, my supervisor critiqued my work.  This really helped me refine my skills.  It was an absolute thrill to learn all about sports broadcasting.

Check out some of my work I did over the course of my internship:

Stricker Package – WCIA

EIU A.D. Package – WCIA


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