Media Production

Citizen’s Arrest

Citizen’s Arrest Screenplay

For this reflection, I will be reflecting on how I applied my knowledge of communication skills to the movie I created for Convergent Media.  This movie showed how I used my knowledge in how to create a quality movie.  Throughout the class, we talked about how to put a sequence of small clips together to tell a story.

Most scenes start with an establishing shot then move to a closer shot of the actual people or objects in the scene.  In a conversation, the camera doesn’t cross over the imaginary line that I 180 degrees from the first lace the camera was.  I used both of these qualities throughout my movie.  For example in the poker night scene, my establishing shot was a close up of the poker chips.  I then moved to show both of the characters that were having conversation.  In the café scene where Jack asks Megan out, I start with an establishing shot through the window to show both of them talking.  I then move inside to show Jacks line and quickly across the table to show Megan’s line.  I kept the camera in the same place and did not cross the 180 degree line.  If I did cross that line, the audience would be confused because the perspective would be completely different.  The continuity between Jack and Megan’s line would be broken up.  By staying on the same side of the table and angling the camera the same way for both shots, the shots flowed together to complete the conversation.

Most movies follow a story arc or a variation of a story arc.  The tradition story arc goes like this: establish routine, inciting incident, everything changes, obstacle to overcome, rise in tension, midpoint, everything changes, another obstacle, climax and dénouement.  My story structure follows very close to the story arc.  Since the movie is only twelve minutes long, I decided to add a flashback to establish a routine.  While this is not a routine, it establishes the main character and puts the story in motion.  My inciting incident is when Jack and Megan meet and Megan gets bullied.  This incident inspires Jack to change to become more confident.  Then comes Jack’s first obstacle, becoming confident enough to talk to Megan.  The tension rises through the montage of Jack and Megan going on several dates and then rises to the midpoint when Jack asks Megan to date him.  Then the story changes to focus on Jacks adventures as a C.A.O.  As Jack and his friend discuss his adventures, another obstacle is introduced, Jack writing up his own friends making them feel threatened.  This obstacle is a little more subtle but is relevant when Sam says “Uhoh, sheriff Flanny is out to get us.”  This implies that Sam is slightly threatened by Jacks power.  That leads to the next stop on the story arc, the climax.  The climax of my movie is when Alex cuts Jack’s C.A.O. card.  The tension building up to the climax is shown through music and the confusion that Jacks friends have when he says what they are doing is illegal.  The tension rises even more when they get frustrated for Jack taking his power too far.  The end, or dénouement, is where the plot lines come together and conflict is resolved and explained.  My ending is with Megan helping Jack realize that his confidence was really inside him all along. Also I connected the beginning and end together by letting the last scene explain what actually happened in the first scene.  This explained any confusion and resolved the conflict that Jack had with his friends.  When Jack opens his hood and sees the note put there by his friends, he realizes what he did was over the top, just like the joke they played on him.  So in a way, it is how his friends get even with him after writing them up for a silly law.


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